Psychic Fair April 11 & 12

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Sat. 11am-6pm   Sun. 11am – 5pm
Ramada Inn
2 River Street, Cortland

What is a Psychic Reading? Well, let’s start with what it isn’t. Your reading won’t tell you how long you’ll live or what numbers you should play on the lottery. It won’t tell you where you should live…or who you should live with. It won’t tell you what to do…or when to do it. No, your psychic reading will not predict your future. Well, then what will it do? A reading given by a reputable psychic or medium will act as a mirror. It allows you to see yourself through the eyes of a stranger. They don’t know your friends or where you went to school. Unlike your friends and family they have no pre-conceived ideas of who you are. Your psychic does not see all the “mistakes” others so often remind you of. Your psychic explains that Life is a journey, and a reading acts as a road map. You will be told where the psychic feels you may have been, where you are, and where you may be headed. A good reader will always remind you that YOU are the one driving and that you have free will choice to pick another road. A psychic won’t predict your future…but they will give you a pretty reliable map.

How should I choose a reader? There will be a literature table set up at the entrance of the psychic fair where all of our participants place information about themselves. Also, if a reader is not in the middle of a reading, he or she will be very happy to answer any questions you may have, including what sort of readings they do and the cost per session. The readers set their own prices depending on what they do. Readings also vary in length and can last from 15-20 minutes to half an hour or more which will affect the price of the reading

Admission to the fair is $6.00 for the weekend and includes a free tumbled stone and free lectures. You can come in to have a reading on Saturday and come back on Sunday at no additional charge. The Psychic Fair Vendors have New-Age and Metaphysical products, hand-made jewelry, crystals, incense, angels, gem stones, essential oils and more. You can have a full color photo of your Aura and Chakras with a personal interpretation.

There is one more great reason to visit the psychic fair and that is the people. Aside from visiting the readers’ booths, you can simply enjoy being part of a group of people with similar interests. If you do not have friends who share your interest in the psychic phenomenon, the fair is a great opportunity to chit chat with other enthusiasts. So, get some new readings, do a little shopping, enjoy the company of like-minded folks, and most important, have fun!

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