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Cinch Ordering

Posted by  //  March 16, 2015  //  Local Business

At Cinch we wanted to level the playing field between larger restaurant chains and small to mid size restaurants. One of the emerging trends that larger restaurant chains have adopted throughout the past few years is accepting online and mobile orders from their customers. Many customers have adopted this and choose these larger chains time and time again for their convenience. We have developed a platform that allows any restaurant of any size to add this capability. This platform is easy to use both for your restaurant and for your customers; giving them the convenience they desire.

When restaurants add online ordering they see an increase of 11% a month in orders.  Also, orders placed online average out to be 30% higher than orders placed over the phone.

Our service is $99/Month and we will develop an easy to use platform for your customers that will include your brand logo, name, and pictures from your restaurant. The menu we will build for you and add all the options to your menu that you desire. You will also receive a login so you can edit anything at your choosing. If you choose that you would rather us update information for you (pricing, new items, etc.) that is no problem at all! Integrated into this platform is also an online payment system that allows you to process customers payments right through this platform. This platform will also allow you to see detailed reporting on how your customers are using your service. Also, we would provide continuous support for your business.

This platform will be able to be used on your website, Facebook page, and from customers mobile and tablet devices. Another option, which is all included in our service, is the option to place tablets in your restaurants to replace paper menus and let your customers order directly from their table or barstool. Also with our service we can setup promotional codes and loyalty programs to allow you to get new customers and also to allow you to retain existing customers.

Visit us at or call Jeremy Hendricks at (315) 760-4931 today for more information. You can also email us at

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