Ananta Massage & Healing

Ananta Massage & Healing

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8 West Main Street   Dryden, NY 13053

Massage Therapists: Jim Bucko and Emily Wethje are available for healing sessions 7 days a week…….  Give us a Call…

Jim: 607-423-4722 and  Emily: 607-591-0052

Come enjoy a relaxing Monday night learning about various holistic healing modalities that empower you on your path to balancing your Spiritual- Mental- Emotional- Physical aspects of the self.


MONDAYS       7- 8:00 pm

1/12         The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Learn how massage therapy can be spiritually-mentally-emotionally-physically beneficial.

2/16         Healing Through Energy Medicine

The benefits of Energy Medicine is two-fold: Balancing the flow of Energy can enhance healing- like the benefits of acupuncture; Adding energy to areas where energy is low can strengthen the patient and enhance the clinical response.

3/16         Introduction to Shamanism

What is Shamanism?  It is a spiritual methodology that is the earliest form of healing known to mankind. Shamanism can be used for personal development in becoming more aligned with our life’s path and it can be used for direct spiritual healing for others.

4/13         Personal Empowerment

Improving your life and being aligned with Positive Change by consciously co-creating your life. Learn valuable personal empowering skills. Reclaim you vision, enthusiasm, vitality, and passion for living. Align with your heart’s wisdom and own intelligence.

5/18         The Four Fold Way of Living

Learn about who you are and how you interact with others. Learn the Medicine Wheel/ Leadership Wheel, Learn the 4 Simple Rules of Life, and Understanding the Power of Perception.

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