Cortland County Launches “Passport to History”

Posted by  //  November 25, 2014  //  News

Bring history to life through our new “Passport to History” program. For the first time ever, visitors have the opportunity to purchase a keepsake passport that they can take on their travels to the three historical museums within Cortland County. When purchased, visitors will receive tickets and an accompanying passport permitting them access to all three participating museums within the county: The 1890 House Museum, CNY Living History Center and The Suggett House. The passport itself includes helpful information related to each of the participating museums, including an area map of Cortland.

The program is ideal for out-of-town visitors looking to experience a unique perspective into the past at the local history level. Learn about the innovation of Chester F. Wickwire from the industrialization of his wire loom to the inception of the Brockway Truck Company, and how a local community impacted the rest of the world. Visitors  can explore what life was like in Cortland spanning over 100 years ago, by learning about  the upper and lower classes, their lifestyles, fashion, traditions—and more.

Visitors can experience the rich history of Cortland County over the course of a few days by choosing to visit a single museum on a different day of the week, explore  two museums on the same day—or even visit all three in one day.

Passports may be purchased at any of the three participating museums for only $19.50, which is a 25% savings off of separate single-museum admissions. The “Passport to History” program begins immediately with no expiration date.

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