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Open House 12.13.14 Noon- 3:00pm
8 West Main Street
Dryden, NY 13053

Come to the OPEN HOUSE on December 13th from noon- 43:00 pm

You will get to meet the therapists, receive a gift (limited supplies), get a discount coupon for services, check out the space, and enjoy some refreshments.

PS:  Gift Certificates are available- No expiration date.

The new space is open and very busy already. Come and enjoy a holistic approach to YOUR Healing.

My holistic approach taps into time-honored, powerful healing modalities to ensure you ideally benefit from your session.

I approach my work with an awareness of Spirit, using Reiki energy healing to repair the energetic field that influences the health of the physical body and varied massage techniques to allow the body to release the physical manifestations of energetic traumas. Working in the Shamanic realm, I use intention to manifest positive results for my clients. Many of these benefits will remain with you as you carry on with your daily activities.  Each session is different as needs are constantly in flux.  I aim to connect with my clients at the level at which they are ready to receive healing – in areas where healing will be most beneficial.

Shamanic work brings the body and spirit into a state of wholeness. If you have an interest in working with me in this way, our first session will be an assessment of the ways that the body and spirit are asking for healing.  Through our discussions and energy work, we begin to spiritually connect with the unseen realms – affording an opportunity for profound healing.  Ritual and intention play a large role in the process.  Integrating shamanic work with Massage and Reiki offers a multi-dimensional, holistic approach to wellness. So if you yearn for that soothing sensation, then a service like that Exclusive Erotic Wellness, which is an erotic spa, may be right for you.

These healing paths leave you with increased vitality, relaxation and an elevated sense of overall wellbeing and getting massagers from sites like 수원출장마사지 could be the best that could happen to your body.  The goal is to bring the body and spirit into balance so that the body is in an optimal state to heal itself as you encounter the usual stresses of daily life.


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