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Ithaca Dirt Riders Speedsville Enduro August 16-17

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Speedsville Enduro, Youth Closed Course Enduro & Beginner’s Trail Ride – TWO DAY EVENT: August 16 – August 17, 2014

In the early 1970’s, a small group of local off-road motorcycle enthusiasts came together to form the Ithaca Dirt Riders (IDR).  It was their vision to provide some local trails and events for their club members and other to enjoy.  A year later, the club chartered with the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). With many of its member interested in the AMA sport of Enduros, the club sanctioned its first event.

This year is the 41st anniversary of The Ithaca Dirt Riders “Speedsville Enduro”! It will be held on August 17 and starts at the Speedsville Sports Field on West Creek Road in Berkshire, starting at 8;00 am.  There are no spectator fees and we have information sheets available to see where the riders will be during the event.  There is even a great chicken barbeque lunch provided by the Speedsville Fire Department available to purchase.

Also this year, the Ithaca Dirt Riders are starting something new! On Saturday, August 16, we will be holding a youth closed course Enduro for ages 12 years and up and 86+ cc bikes (shorter than the adult ride and less intense), on Davis Road in Berkshire.  It consists of a series of “loops” through fields and woods.  It is a great experience for young riders with a good deal a challenge for them also.  For the beginners and youngest riders, there is also a “shadow” trail ride on Saturday. Adults are allowed to ride with their children to give them experience on the trails.  Riders 4 years old and up with 50+cc bikes are allowed for the trail ride.   There is something for everyone this year!  Find out more about these events at or on Facebook, look for “AMA District 4 Enduro Championship”.


Enduros are a cross-country event, which not only requires speed and ability, but also endurance, (hence “Enduro”), with the courses taking at least five hours to complete.  The rider must also stay on time. A route is laid out for the riders to follow and a speed is set for them to maintain.  Small groups of riders, (usually four), are started every minute.  The rider must then try to maintain the speed scheduled for any given area.  To score the riders, the promoter has secret “check points” along the route.  If he/she is not on time, they are given 1 point for every minute they are late.  Being early is much worse, with 2 points for the first 2 minutes that you are early and 5 points for every minute earlier than that and disqualification if you are more than 15 minutes early.  Like golf, at the end of the event the scores are added up and the rider with the lowest score wins.

With the help of many volunteers and supporters the Ithaca Dirt Riders have not only been able to host this local event, but many AMA national events over the years.  Those national events have brought rider from all over the USA, Canada, Europe and even Australia.  IDR not only promote the sport of off-road riding, but also help the local communities, especially the local volunteer fire departments and emergency squads, who provide great meals and bike washes at the events, along with their services when necessary.

To get a better understanding on Enduros, go to: and click on the AMA Racing Amateur Competition Rulebook, link and scroll to page 56-64, Enduro, to check out the complexity of this sport.  You will be amazed at how much the riders have to do (and remember!) as they ride the course.    

For other local and national off-road motorcycling activities go to,  or go to the Ithaca Dirt Riders site:

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