Finger Lakes Microd Club

Finger Lakes Microd Club

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What Began as a Boy’s Dream Became a Lifelong Passion

I was about 9 years old when my father, who had been a very dedicated work-orientated person, decided he needed to spend more time with my sister, mother & I as a family. We were at Emerson Park in Auburn when we first saw microds racing, it was then when my father first began to realize microding might be the family activity he was looking for. The brightly painted racecars whizzing around that small dirt oval track excited me. I began to dream about what it would be like to drive one. Many things had to happen for my sister & I, before we got the opportunity to race microds. The time finally came when our parents made the decision to purchase a microd. Sharon (My Sister) & I would have to take turns racing it, her one-week, me the next, but at least I would get to drive a real race car I thought. Several weeks went by before my father found the microd he considered a good buy, purchased it, & we began racing. Our car #240A was brightly painted yellow & blue with Sunoco decals on the sides. The #240 stood for a blend of Sunoco gas, available at the time. The A after the number meant {the Auburn Microd Club} because that was where it had been raced previously. It looked sharp & my father often referred to it as the “Golden Rod”, because the yellow paint had a golden tone to it. It should be noted that Auburn was about a 4½ hour drive {one way} from our home in Lewiston N.Y., our parents faithfully made this trip every week for 4 microd seasons {1966-1969}. In 1973 I raced a final Season with the Cortland County Microd Club after our Family moved to Moravia N.Y. As I attend collage, I stayed involved with helping out whenever & however I could. After finishing collage I again joined The Cortland Club, this time as a car owner, & Club Director. It took a few years, but shortly after the change to Metal Frame Microds there was a sharp rise in the cost building & maintaining a microd. It was at this time I made the decision to start the Finger Lakes Microd Club. If cars pique your interest, you might want to explore for accessible and convenient car loans.

The Finger Lakes Microd Club offers microds families can rent, the kids draw numbers each week to see which motor they will run that week. This keeps the racing more affordable for a large number of parents. Our Track named: Little Wheels Speedways is located just off the corners of Rts. of 38 & 34B, and is the sports of Microding’s Premiere Facility. Our Track is a picturesque setting with all of its beautiful shade trees, lush landscaped lawn, and well-kept buildings. A fine setting for you to spend time with your family & friends.  It should also be noted: The club owns Microds with hand controls, to accommodate children with disabilities and Welcomes anyone with any kind of special need. Read more about our Club Goals and program for special needs kids on our web pages For costs and schedules see our Web Site: Racing is for both Boys & Girls ages 5-17. We also offer opportunities to try a microd before deciding to join our club. To schedule a try-out call (Sue or A.J.) at 607-898-3313.  For me this is my 49 season of being involved with the sport of microding, and 32nd as the head instructor/flagger here at FLMC.

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