Shots by Shana

Shots by Shana

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Dear Shots by Shana Clients,

I wish you the Merriest Christmas!

Perhaps, I shot your wedding or took pictures of your newest addition. Maybe I did your Senior pictures or maybe you saw me for your family’s holiday pictures!

I am honored to have met so many wonderful people—of all ages. I feel as though I have a new extended family in many cases.

Every single person I photographed was beautiful—inside and out.

I wish you a year full of health, love and happiness.



The Studio at Christmas

By Shana Karn,
Shots by Shana Photography

Twas just weeks before Christmas

And the studio was hoppin’

Backdrops were pulled

And the flash was just poppin’.

Parents were fidgety and fussing,

Pleading children to smile;

They arranged them by age;

Lining them up single file.

There was bribery and begging

And tightly pursed lips;

There was yelling and screaming

And hands perched upon hips.

Moms apologized for tears;

For kids who wouldn’t sit still;

For silly faces, frowns and pouts;

For their child’s strong will.

Oh Billy! Oh Emily! Oh Joey and Meg!

Oh Riley! Jackson!  Sweet Little Peg!

These are Christmas Card Pictures!

Sit down and smile; I insist!

Do it now or else

You’re on the naughty list!

I smiled at my little friends,

Spiffed up in their new clothes;

I tilted my weary head

And tapped my scrunched- up nose.

I was quick with my camera

Catching the tiniest of grins

Tilting cute little heads,

And lifting droopy chins

Click! Click! Snap! Snap!

I took every possible shot.

But when all is said and done,

Parents just get what I got.

And I heard Parents mumble

As they trudged up the stairs

It’s only one picture;

No smiles—who cares?

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