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Cortland Community SPCA – Looking for a Way to Pamper Your Pet?

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HOMEMADE GOODIES – There’s nothing better than home cooking, and the same goes for your dog or cat. Homemade dog treats are perfectly healthy for your pet in small quantities, as well as being super easy to make. Just like human food, many store bought treats have unnecessary additives – so pick your favorite concoction from the thousands of recipes available online and get baking!

MASSAGE – Just like humans, dogs hold stress in their muscles. Of course they love to be pet, so why not take it one step further with pet massage? It can increase circulation, promote flexibility and make stress disappear. Simply rubbing the muscles at home to see how your pooch likes it. If your dog groans, that’s a good sign. For your cat – gently rub the cat, giving special attention to the head and tummy. If they don’t like it, they’ll tell you!

DOGGIE DAY – Pick a nice day to go to the park and have a picnic with your pooch. Pack some food for you and for them, then spend the day running and playing in the park. A few games of fetch or Frisbee are a great way to get your dog up and active as well as fitting in a little exercise for yourself! You may also have a little staycation at places like luxury pet friendly lodges Scotland to bond and relax with your pet.

PERSONAL SPACE – It’s a jungle outside with a world full of hazards to cats. That’s why many owners choose to keep their cats indoors.  You can install a safe indoor perch for your pal near a sunny window. Cats love padded perches where they can relax and enjoy watching the world go by. OR – You can buy or build an outdoor enclosure so your frisky friend will have some new play space to explore and enjoy the fresh air! For times when you’re away, reliable pet care services like dog boarding Melbourne ensure your canine companion receives attentive and professional care in your absence.

You should also find a reliable supplier of medicines and anti fungal for dogs in case your dog develops a yeast infection.

No matter how you choose to pamper your pet, make sure to give them lots of love and attention – remember YOU are the most important thing in their life!

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