Greenlife Nutrition Center

Greenlife Nutrition Center

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Tara Flanders-Gross, our Executive Director, and the mastermind of the center, is a Board Certified Nutrition Counselor who, after more than a year in private practice, felt called to meet the health needs of a larger demographic than she can reach in private practice. Gross is a local resident of Lansing and has increased wellness and stamina herself by shifting to this way of eating, lost a large amount of weight in the process and has also seen many success stories with her clients. Therefore, she is well equipped to pass along inspiration and knowledge to those who come to her for coaching.

With a green thumb, passion for the kitchen, and love of kids, she first set out to provide summer camps to school-age children interested in learning more about eating green. As she searched for a center to collaborate with, she found an unmet necessity in the area, thus Greenlife Nutrition Center, Inc. was born. She will transfer her one-on one coaching skills to the donor supported, non-profit group setting, allowing for more versatility and hands-on activities in her instruction. The members will now have the benefit of group support as they undergo changes in their diet and life and find a need to talk to others who are going through similar transitions.

Our Mission is to provide a safe, innovative and educational space for children and adults to explore proper nutrition and take control of their health. To facilitate enjoyment and curiosity about where food comes from, how it is prepared, mindfulness while consuming it, and how these processes relate to health and well-being. We offer a fun, comfortable environment, where hands-on food related classes, camps, and activities inspire a consciousness about the connection between food and health, providing the proper foundation for a lifelong healthy relationship with food.

Our goal is to inspire our community to take control of their bodies by paying more attention to what they fuel them with. Our aim is to empower them through better understanding of how proper nutrition can improve your health. Therefore, there is no better time to step in and ignite curiosity in our community about alternatives to boxed and processed eating. Cooking is a fun adventure with our organization, by learning to nourish the mind, body, and soul—like they have never experienced before.

The services offered at Greenlife Nutrition Center, Inc. will be varied in order to help people of all ages, levels of health intelligence, and incomes to achieve their highest potential through the use of fresh, seasonal food as fuel. We will also flavor those foods with herbs and spices that liven the taste, while acting as preventative medicine for the body. Tara will inspire all who enter to “Get back in the kitchen and have fun!”

Contact Tara at 607-342-0568 or visit her office within Finger Lakes Xtreme Fitness at 106 W South St, Groton, NY 13073.

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