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Looking for a New and Exciting Way to Get in Shape?

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Martial arts training is an excellent way to get fit while learning to defend yourself, making new friends, reducing stress, and improving your confidence and focus.
Get in Shape. Have you ever tried signing up for a year at the gym with the best intentions and discover you find convenient excuses that keep you from reaching your goals in only a few short months? Working out with other people around you to motivate you and push you to reach your goals makes you much more likely to continue your path to a healthier lifestyle. Baileys Karate School offers you the best of both worlds. You get a great cardio workout, strengthening, toning, and increased flexibility with each and every one of our classes. Not to mention, you do all this in a fun and lively group environment with people who want you to achieve your best!

Learn to Defend Yourself. The real benefits of self-defense come from an increased awareness of your surroundings, developing the ability to avoid dangerous situations, and suppressing your emotions when you need to respond effectively to a situation. Self-defense is much more than learning to strike someone or escape a hold. It is something you will never learn in a day or weekend seminar. Baileys Karate provides safe and realistic self-defense scenarios throughout your martial arts training, advancing and challenging you as your skill and experience grow, to give you the physical skills, mental awareness, and emotional control to help prepare you for any dangerous or difficult situation you may find yourself in in the real world.

Make New Friends. We have male and female students, ranging all ages, bringing a wealth of life experience with them. Each of them has their own personal journey and reasons for starting a martial arts program. Often, your classmates become like a second family, a network of support, helping you achieve your goals. At Baileys Karate you will train together, work together, and achieve together. Adult students, beginner to advanced, benefit from the wisdom, experience and the multitude of all our students’ abilities.

Reduce Stress. At Baileys, training offers students a new outlook on every day problems and situations. The physical and mental challenges you overcome in martial arts classes helps you to tackle some of the most difficult problems or situations you may encounter in your lifetime. So, when faced with every day problems and stress that once seemed insurmountable, you find these issues become mere steps on the way to achieving any goal.

Improving your confidence and focus. At Baileys, training provides you with achievement and the feeling of being in control of yourself, in any situation you may face. This translates to your body language and how you present yourself to the people around you. You learn to filter out things that are less important and focus on those that make a positive difference in any your life and situation.

Take the First Step. Baileys works hard to offer a place that is emotionally and physically safe for all our students, so each student starts with a free introductory lesson to help address specific needs or goals. The introductory lesson also offers a way for each student to start formal classes with confidence, maximize their personal abilities, self-esteem, and self-confidence from the start. We want classes that feel safe and fun, so students want to train!

Baileys Karate School has been providing quality martial arts training for adults and children in the Cortland/Homer area for 17 years. We are conveniently located at 108 Homer Avenue, about 1 block from Cortland Memorial Hospital. You can start any time by calling 607-756-4202 to schedule a free introductory class for yourself or a family member, age 4 or over. Ask about our New 2 for 1 Adult Student Special, which includes 2 adult, one-year memberships for the price of 1.

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