Stressed Out & Sleepless?

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I have noticed many people asking for natural remedies for stress and sleep problems. Maybe that is because we have just finished our taxes? For whatever reason we do have supplements that offer relief for the stressed-out and tired who are looking for natural solutions to these problems. It seems that stress and sleeplessness are like the chicken and the egg of our modern society. The more stress we have the less sleep; the less sleep the more stress. It’s like a vicious cycle. Thirty six percent of U.S. workers regularly experience work stress, according to a recent American Psychological Association survey. The National Sleep Foundation reports that sixty four percent of adults frequently suffer sleep problems, with higher rates for women and sleepers older than age 65.

We know the obvious that lifestyle changes i.e. regular exercise, deep breathing, reducing caffeine – are the key to achieving lasting fixes for both complaints. There is no shortage of natural remedies that also offer welcome relief for stress and sleep ailments. Supplements for stress and for sleep often share some ingredients, especially calm-inducing and adaptogenic herbs such as valerian and ashwaganda.

But for insomnia, melatonin remains the major player. The sleep-regulating hormone seems to work best for correcting disrupted sleep cycles and supporting jet lag. This accounted for almost half the sleep category U.S. consumer sales in 2010 according to Nutrition Business Journal. The following are some of the Nature’s Sunshine Products formulas I carry that work well for these conditions.

Adrenal Support The adrenals are our flight or fight glands and due to stress usually are close to burning out. Another of my favorites is Nervous Fatigue Formula. This is for those who feel that the stress of life gets to be too much and feel burned out, overwhelmed, vulnerable, broken hearted, tired and nervous. This person wakes up frequently at night and sometimes suffers from night sweats. Herbal Sleep contains valerian root, passion flower and hops. It is used to calm restlessness and for nervous stress and insomnia. But it has other uses too which I can elaborate on if you want more information. 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin the neurotransmitter that regulates appetite, mood and sleep. Kava Kava is great for chronic tension, anxiety or muscle spasms. It has many other uses also and some warnings that I can also elaborate on if you need more information.

For specific formulas for stress we have AdaptaMax, Eleuthero, Magnesium, Nutri-Calm, Stress-J, Vitamin B Complex, Stress Relief and many more including some flower essences and essential oils.

Now that the winter season is over and taxes are done we can get outside, get some fresh air and take time to smell the flowers.

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